• One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing? - A Millennial Woman

    One Direction Reunion is Happening? What Songs They Must Sing?

    Last week One Direction completed their 9 years (on 23 July 2019, to be precise). The members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson took this chance to celebrate the band’s 9 years anniversary and revived some ‘Incredible Memories.’ Louis kicked on the celebration thanking fans for always having their back and the Directioners took over the twitter bringing the band in highlight with #9YearsOfOneDirection. With the trending celebration came the burning question again: Is One Direction Reunion ever going to happen? Before throwing the buzzing question at the boys, let’s take a short tour back to One Direction Songs History: 9 Hit Songs to Remember #9YearsOfOneDirection Since the formation…

  • Best 30 Rock Songs of all Times: Highlights of The Rock Era - A Millennial Woman

    Best 30 Rock Songs of all Times: Highlights of The Rock Era

    Remember this song? Rock music lovers and fans of the legendary Queen will recognize the song even in their dream. That’s how We Will Rock You came to this world from the dream of Brian May the guitarist of Queen Rock Band. He wanted the audience to participate and sing along the song. And that’s how the band decided to open the song with clapping and stomping. We Will Rock You was released in 1977 as the seventh single of Queen’s album News of the World. It’s been more than 30 years since the song released and we’ re still participating and rocking to the beats! From the legends of…