• One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing? - A Millennial Woman

    One Direction Reunion is Happening? What Songs They Must Sing?

    Last week One Direction completed their 9 years (on 23 July 2019, to be precise). The members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson took this chance to celebrate the band’s 9 years anniversary and revived some ‘Incredible Memories.’ Louis kicked on the celebration thanking fans for always having their back and the Directioners took over the twitter bringing the band in highlight with #9YearsOfOneDirection. With the trending celebration came the burning question again: Is One Direction Reunion ever going to happen? Before throwing the buzzing question at the boys, let’s take a short tour back to One Direction Songs History: 9 Hit Songs to Remember #9YearsOfOneDirection Since the formation…

  • How I am dealing with a failed marriage and a relationship - A Millennial Woman
    Life & Relationships

    How I am dealing with a failed marriage/ relationship (A real-life perspective from subsister)

    Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what we’ve been told, showed and have it instilled in our brain through movies, books, songs, and people around us. What if it doesn’t go well? What if the two people meant to be are having a hard time together? Do we really need to drag ourselves through an unhappy relationship? Are any futile efforts going to make it right or should (and when) we stop trying altogether? That’s the only thing on mind since past few days. It took me time and a lot of guts to take my issues out in the open. I’ve been married for the past 3…

  • 5 Best Books to Read This Summer 2019 - A Millennial Woman

    5 Best Books to Read This Summer 2019

    It’s summertime (at least here in India)! Every summer I plan a trip either with my crazy friends or family. But looking at the temperature rise this year I’m not as excited (neither anyone else) to go somewhere and chill out. That gives me so much time to spend with my other best friends: books 😀 As I can’t go out (or rather won’t go out) and explore real places I decided to read more and more books of different genres than just the classics and romance novels. And thank god I didn’t have to search much to decide what books should be my 2019 summer reads as I already…

  • 20 Best Quotes on love and life by Famous Poets - A Millennial Woman

    20 Best Quotes on Love and Life by Famous Poets

    Hey friends, I hope you all are good and enjoying life. If not I have some funny, inspirational and witty quotes by the legends and famous people. Recently the World Poetry Day was celebrated on March 21. The day was declared by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrate the poetry, to pay tribute to the great poets and beautiful creation and most importantly to encourage people to read and write more. I have wanted to write this post on March 21 i.e. on the World Poetry Day itself. However, I couldn’t as I was very busy doing my freelance writing work (and reading The Great Gatsby). But the thought wouldn’t stop nagging me…