• Rishtey - Hindi Poetry on Pain of Love & Relationships - A Millennial Woman
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    Rishtey – Hindi Poetry on Pain of Love & Relationships

    Love is a powerful feeling. The ecstasy we feel with our every heartbeat, on the other hand, the pain of love that comes with it. People say, life is nothing without love. Our family and close relations and the strong emotions we feel toward each other is certainly the biggest strength that’s what keep us going. But not everyone is fortunate to have love and strong support of family. Pain of love sometimes becomes unbearable. Door behti nadiya samandar ko aa milti hai Leharon pe dolti pyaari si ek kasti hai Har pal chalakta ek samandar in aankho me bhi hai Chattano se takrata ek toofan sa iss dil me…

  • Birthday Blues are Real & Usual: 10 Ways How I Conquered Mine - A Millennial Woman
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    My 10 proven ways to help you manage birthday depression

    Is there any such word as Birthday Blue? Is it real? Why do people feel sad and depressed around their birthdays? I had all these questions when I started feeling sad and low few days before my birthday. Then I realized the words ‘Birthday sadness’ and ‘Birthday Blues’ don’t do justice to how we are feeling. Luckily, I did few things (knowingly and unknowingly) that helped me manage birthday depression. Here’re the 10 ways how I conquered my Birthday Blues! Start the morning right On my birthday last month, I felt so low I didn’t want to leave my bed. But I still dragged myself out, made a cup of…

  • Feeling Sad on Birthday? Here's Why You Don't Have to Feel Ashamed - A Millennial Woman
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    Birthday Depression: What Makes Birthdays Absolutely Hard for You

    Birthdays are special, birthdays are fun! And every one of us is ‘supposed’ to be happy on our birthday. However, many of us feel the exact opposite, they feel sad and depressed on or around their birthday. I felt too. And that’s why friends, I can tell you that you don’t need to feel ashamed of your birthday depression. What made my birthdays sad… Since my mom’s death three years ago, I didn’t have the same zeal to celebrate my birthday. But this year it was different and dreadful. That adamant wish to just stay in bed, not to talk to anyone at all (not even my family), and hate…

  • How I am dealing with a failed marriage and a relationship - A Millennial Woman
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    How I am dealing with a failed marriage/ relationship (A real-life perspective from subsister)

    Well, that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s what we’ve been told, showed and have it instilled in our brain through movies, books, songs, and people around us. What if it doesn’t go well? What if the two people meant to be are having a hard time together? Do we really need to drag ourselves through an unhappy relationship? Are any futile efforts going to make it right or should (and when) we stop trying altogether? That’s the only thing on mind since past few days. It took me time and a lot of guts to take my issues out in the open. I’ve been married for the past 3…